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Carrillo National Health System

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The Carrillo National Health System , commonly known as the Carrillo Clinics, is an Alduro-Natopian nonprofit academic medical care system based in Punta Santiago, Alduria. It is focused on the integration of clinical practice, education, and research. It employs over 33,000 physicians and scientists, along with another 40,400 administrative and allied health staff across Natopia, Alduria, Constancia, and the Wechua Nation. It is the largest health system in Alduria, operating 12 hospitals, 8 medical research centers, and over 200 rural and urban medical clinics across Alduria.

The practice specializes in treating difficult cases through tertiary care and destination medicine. It is home to the Dos Gardenias School of Medicine, in addition to many of the largest, best-regarded medical residency education programs in the both Alduria and Natopia. It spends over 500 million natopos a year on research.

The House of Carrillo, in coordination with the demesnial government of the Most Serene Union of Dos Gardenias and the government of Alduria, announced in 1670 AN the establishment of a unified medical care and research system that would be funded with commitments from the private sector and from the House of Carillo's large endowment and charitable fundraising. In 1674, funding from grants began rolling in from the government of Alduria and from the Royal Caputian Government in Exile fueling the expansion of Carrillo Clinics across Natopia, Alduria, Constancia and the Wechua Nation.

With the Alexandrian and Caputian diasporas both seeing their nations disintegrate due to disease, the system saw large amounts of donations from 1672 through 1676 flowing from Natopia and Alduria. Many of the donations have flowed to ambitious medical research projects and to providing medical care. Some of the most prominent research projects carried out have led to finding a vaccine for the Alexandrian flu and the White Plague. The Carrillo Clincs have sent a large delegation of physicians, nurses, medical researchers and scientists to Elsenar in a humanitarian mission following the Verionist disaster in Benacia.