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Cárdenas is the federal capital of Nouvelle Alexandrie and the seat of government of the Federal Capital District. The city is located at the start of the Santanderian highlands and is closely connected with its "sister" cities - the port cities of Wechuahuasi and Jirishanca.

The city was founded in 1509 AN, when the nation of Santander was founded. It quickly became one of the most prominent cities of the Kingdom, rising to the status of largest city. However, the King maintained the Government at Ciudad Real, the de facto capital of the Santander for many years until the Santanderian Revolution in 1519 AN. After the collapse of the communist government and Santander's union with Alexandria in 1526 AN, Cárdenas became the capital of the Viceroyalty of Santander, later the province of Santander. The collapse of the Alexandrian Empire in 1651 AN saw the area be part of the Euran Green, except for the rapid rise and fall of Gran Verionia from 1682 AN to 1685 AN. After Alduria and the Wechua Nation joined into a Federation (that later became Nouvelle Alexandrie in 1693 AN), the federal government pursued aggressive expansion in Keltia, resettling and reestablishing the area along the lines of its Alexandrian and Valencian legacies. It was in 1686 AN that the Federal Capital Commission chose to refound the city and make it the capital of the new Federation. The Commission endorsed the Cárdenas Plan, submitted by architect Hyacinthe Betancourt. The city's design divides it into numbered blocks as well as sectors for specified activities, such as the Hotel Sector, the Banking Sector, and the Embassy Sector. The city is known for its impressive neo-Genevan architectural style and employment of Wechua design concepts.

Starting in 1865 AN, all three branches of Nouvelle Alexandrie's federal government will be centered in the city: executive, legislative, and judiciary. Its international airport is set to open in 1866 AN, and will connect the city to all other major New Alexandrian cities and many international destinations.

The city has a unique status as the Federal Capital District, as it is an full-fledged Region rather than a legal municipality like other cities in the Federation.