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Caputian general election, 1660

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Caputian general election, 1660
No general elections ←
13 - 15 Liebluary 1660
→ 1665 (AN)

All 422 seats to the Caputian Parliament
211 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Merrick.png Seydlitz.jpg Greenstreet.jpg
Leader Royston Merrick Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz Allen Greenstreet
Party National Salvation Party National Unity Party Liberal League
Leader's seat Neo Patrova Isles of Caputia Bridgemoor
Last election 61 128 20
Seats won 191 144 47
Seat change 130 16 27
Popular vote 23,404,113 17,660,941 5,568,031
Percentage 45.36% 34.23% 10.79%

Fourth party Fifth party
Leader None Leia Clemens
Party Independent Candidates Hatnuah
Last election 31 10
Seats won 25 15
Seat change 6 5
Popular vote 3,191,174 1,767,637
Percentage 6.19% 3.43%

Prime Minister before election

Christophe Landry (Ind.)

Subsequent Prime Minister

Royston Merrick (NSP)

The Caputian general election of 1660 was the first general election of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia under the Constitution Act, 2017, in the 13th day of the month of Liebluary, 1660 ( AN), to elect the Second Caputian Parliament. All 422 seats of the Caputian Parliament were up for election. In addition, state and local elections in all 11 states took place.

The election was contested by the four registered political parties and many independent candidates across all 11 states and the Dependencies' Electoral District, composed of the Crown Dependencies of Santa Melusina and Elizabeth Isle.


Electoral System

Election Date