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Situated along the rocky Northeastern shore of New Zimia, atop the ruins of the Tianan city of Anatina, Cannassas was settled in the 753 WG by a group of families who immigrated to the region from the Passasian city of Springville on behalf of Central Grain, the company which once oversaw the majority of agricultural production in the Commonwealth of Hamland. When the company failed to gain a foothold, the settlement turned to trade as its primary source of income. Today, the city is home to the Medical College of Cannassas, the nation's leading provider of health care.

Rumors have long abounded of a thriving black market in the city, though such rumors have never been thoroughly investigated by any major media outlets. This might be due to the little disputed fact that certain members of the city’s upper class are closely associated with the criminal elements which were once known to plunder ships traveling to and from the Wallis Islands as they sailed through the Sangunese Strait. There is no doubt that to this day, blood money runs through the streets of Cannassas, but so far, no one has proved willing to address the issue.