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Calbain people

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Calbain people
Calbion flag.png
Flag of Calbion
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Calbion Calbion 10,486,236
Nova England Nova England 138,028
Palesmenia Palesmenia 81,332
Elwynn Elwynn 67,011
Natopia Natopia 55,833
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands 1,109
Calbain Church

Calbain people, generally called Calbain, are an ethnic group on Micras that originated on the Ynys y Calbain in the Aeronesian Archipelago. The Calbain are the largest, and culturally dominant, group in Calbion.


It is certain that there already existed a people indicated as Calbain, or Calbi, during the Jasonian era. The origins of the name for the Calbain people is unclear, but etymologists have suggested that the old Calbic root calb- means "bald" or "barren", and refers to the plains that cover most of central Calbion. The people give their name to the nation of Calbion, in the native Calbic language known as the Gwlad y Calbain, or the land of the Calbain.

A rural Calbain family from Kilkelly


The Calbain are a culturally tight group with a distinct national culture. The Calbain people have suffered many hardships throughout history, having faced cultural repression and the threat of ethnic cleansing on several occasions. As a result, many traditions, customs and myths have been carefully preserved and often orally transferred to the next generation. Traditionally, the Calbain are a rural people. Economic advancements and growth during the mid 17th century have led to increased urbanisation around certain places such as Pentyre and Llysthur.


Although the large majority of Calbain resides within the nation of Calbion, some significant populations exist in other nations. In Nova England, Palesmenia and the South Sea islands, Calbain settlers from the first colonial period continue to reside. The colonies of Port Moorland, the south of Y Dwyrain and the Ynys Corrach were abandoned in 1651, but many of the settlers continued to live in these areas. Due to extensive trade relations, a significant population of Calbain lives in Chryste and some of the cities of Northern Elwynn. The island of Penguin island, formerly a Calbain territory and home to a signifcant Calbain population, is currently administered by Natopia.