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Calbain Church

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Calbain Church
Calbain Church.jpg
Theology: Catologism
Polity Episcopalian
Grand Master Huw Macklemore
Masterdoms 22, and the Grand Masterdom of Pentyre
Origin 1597 AN (1 ÔD)
Split from Catologian Church
Countries Calbion, Batavia
Congregations 1.573
Members 3.924.591 (1685)


The Calbain Church (Calbic: Eglwys Calbinol) is the main institute connected with the Calbain faith, and the largest religious institution in Calbion. It was established in the year 2 CD by Southbatavian settlers and became the state religion of Calbion in 1 ÔD. The Calbain Catologian Faith is characterised by a strong emphasis on morality, and the extent to which it has become syncretised with local religious lore.


From the early days of the Calbain nation, polytheistic religions were common, unified in the old Calbain faith, featuring numerous gods. With the arival of Jack de Mounford on Calbion, Catologism spread rapidly. De Mounford himself was Grand Master of a Catologian order, known for a particular brand of fundamentalist Catologism which was the foundation for Calbain Catologism. Part of the reason for the rapid acceptance of the Catologian faith was that it accepted local religion as part of the broad Catologian faith. The Calbain had the idea of one god that had many avatars, or personalities, and this was incorporated into the Catologism of the Calbain nation. This one god became synonymous with Cato, and the old gods continued to have a role as Cato's avatars.

Because of the position of Calbion, Calbain Catologism differs enourmously from classical Catologism and even more from Jingdaoese Catologism, which saw a massive overhaul to justify the political ambitions of the Jing emperors.

Catologian Church building in Caerathon

Main Beliefs

The central belief of Calbain Catologism is the belief in Cato as the creator of the universe and the only god of Micras. Cato is represented by eight personalities: Tarynn (the old man), Glanya (life and motherhood), Cyll (the hunter), Ddytha (wisdom), Llyd (the warrior), Alynna (Beauty, Sex and Fertility), Môrlwydd (the sea) and Craitmyn (the world).

Calbain Catologism builds upon the teachings of the Holy Order of the Temple of Cato, of which Prince Jack I was Grand Master. Because its beliefs go back to the early days of Catologism, many modern changes, especially those made under Jingdaoese Catologism, were not incorporated.

Clerical Structure

The head of the Calbain Catologian Church on Micras is the Grand Master. The Grand Master appoints Masters, who serve as representatives of the Church in different wards of Calbion. Under the Masters stand the Priests, who in their turn preside over the lower clergy.

Role in Calbain Society

The Catologian Church is not only the official state religion of Calbion, but is also dominates a large part of public life in Calbion. Almost 90% of the Calbain population are members of the Church, and the official teachings and doctrines of the Church therefore are of significant influence. The importance of the Calbain Catologian Church is considered a large factor on the largely conservative nature of the Calbain people.