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Bus services in Lucerne are operated by ConnectLucerne, the Napian-based airline company, who provided three Compton Cruiser minibuses and one single-decker Roadliner X-200 in return for exclusive use of the A'ialufo le Lusa'aii. The University of Mercury provided a second Roadliner X-200 in order to connect the Mata'aga le Uliuli to Uliuli and the rest of Lusa'aii. Most of the island of is connected by bus, and services run throughout the day.


Vehicle Number Services provided
Compton Cruiser 3 1, 2, 4, 9
Roadliner X-200 2 1, A1
A Roadliner X-200 travelling towards the Mata'aga le Uliuli.


Service Destination(s) Notes
1 Lusa'aii, Samiaii, Vai, Uliuli Hourly daytime service
A1 A'ialufo le Lusa'aii, Lusa'aii, Samiaii, Vai, Uliuli Extension of Service 1, runs twice daily
2 Lusa'aii orbiter Half hourly service around the city of Lusa'aii
4 Samiaii, Fapefai le Samiaii Half-hourly shuttle service
9 Lusa'aii, Tonu'ia onalu Vaialu Alu'ia Runs only on match days


Child fares are reduced by 40%. Students are given an 80% reduction, subsidised by the University of Mercury. The village of Vaitafe is considered part of Vai for the purpose of calculating bus fares.

Destination Lusa'aii Samiaii Vai Uliuli
Ticket Single Return Single Return Single Return Single Return
Lusa'aii Cr 0.80 Cr 1.25 Cr 1.20 Cr 2.00 Cr 1.50 Cr 2.50 Cr 1.70 Cr 2.90
Samiaii Cr 1.20 Cr 2.00 Cr 0.50 Cr 0.80 Cr 1.20 Cr 2.00 Cr 1.45 Cr 2.40
Vai Cr 1.50 Cr 2.50 Cr 1.20 Cr 2.00 Cr 0.30 Cr 1.00 Cr 1.70
Uliuli Cr 1.70 Cr 2.90 Cr 1.45 Cr 2.40 Cr 1.00 Cr 1.70 Cr 0.30
Ticket Price
ConnectDay Cr 2.90
ConnectWeekend Cr 4.50
ConnectWeek Cr 11.00
ConnectMonth Cr 40.00