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Subdivision type: Duchy
Capital: Brookshire Hamlet
Population: {{{population}}}
Largest Cities: Shirekeep, Goldshire Hamlet, Erinamor, Mortis Mercatoria, Lune Villa, Avakair

Local Leadership Title: The Duke
Local Government: Dukedom
Current leader: Kostalan Rottsaa

Local language: English, Lakhesian (local), Laqi (local)
Local Religion: Cedrism

Brookshire is the eldest duchy of Shireroth still in existence. It was founded when the nation switched over to the current system with the Kaiser and Landsraad. The current duke is Kostalan Rottsaa, who ascended the throne after a brief reign by Syr William. Former dukes include Mike Fors, Syr William, Erik Mortis, Krasniy Yastreb, Fax Celestis, Shyriath Bukolos, Rakesh Akbar, and Lukedu. Since Kaiser Yarad Ifolded Goldshire into this duchy, it is basically the seat of Shirithian tradition and Imperial power. The Ages of Shireroth describe its fictional history in thorough detail.

Developing Brookshire

Brookshire did not have a detailed culture as a separate Duchy for quite some time; while some of its subdivisions such as Benacia did, general Brookshirian culture was Shirithian culture. However, late 2007 and onward saw the increased development of various cultural and political aspects of Brookshire both on the Duchy level and in the various baronies and counties.


The highlights of Brookshirian economy are the oil fields of Amarr and Thanatos, the enormous amounts of heavy industry around Shirekeep and Monty Crisco and the mines feeding that industry in Woodshire and Caverden, the great fields of Syrelwynn, Holwinn and Ran and the high-intensity agriculture around Alexandretta. Although most of Goldshire's mines have been depleted in historical times, new veins are still regularly found in Lunaris.


The Baronies Within Brookshire are Currently: Barony of Ynnraile, Barony of Neurak, Barony of Dolor, Barony of K'Tzuni, and Barony of Lakhesis. Brookshire formerly held a Special Military Territory called the Skyla Islands, but Kaiseress Anandja I decreed the islands to be a part of the Imperial County, thus under the Kaiser(ess)'s direct control.


The military forces of the duchy are comprised of the various militia of the baronies and counties within the Duchy, Including the Monty Crisco Airborne Militia and the Benacian County Militia. The only force under the direct control of the duchy as a whole is The Brookshire Fleet, which was assembled in 2008 of the various ships and vessels under the duchy's control. This includes the oldest ship in the Shireroth navy, the RSS Excalibur.


Map brookshire.png
Baronies: Barony of Ynnraile - Barony of Neurak

Barony of Dolor - Barony of K'Tzuni
Barony of Lakhesis |