Britannic Sandwich Islands national cricket team

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Britannic Sandwich Islands
The Britannic flag
Nickname The Islanders
Captain Kenneth Jackson
Club President King Jeremy III
Founded 2008
Home Ground Port Antonio, New Britannia
Wins/Losses 2 wins/1 loss
First Match vs. Valenciennes Province C.C. 18th June, 2008
Last Match vs. Valenciennes Province C.C. 22nd June, 2008
Website [1]

The Britannic Sandwich Islands national cricket team was the colonial cricket team representing the New Britannian colony of the same name. With there being no national cricket team representing New Britannia, the Sandwich Islands was sometimes considered as being the de facto national team of New Britannia.

The team was formed in June 2008 and played its first match on the 18th day of that month against Valenciennes Province C.C.. Valenciennes Province were a team created by Jean Michel Leclerc. Leclerc invited New Britannia to send a team to Valenciennes to take part in a three-match 40-over series and a Twenty20 cricket match.

The Sandwich Islands won the 40-over series 2-1.


The 2008 series team list was:

  • Kenneth Jackson (Captain)
  • John Adye (w)
  • William Jackson
  • Alfred Ward
  • Richard Luce
  • Edward Cornwallis
  • Robert Fulton
  • John Chapple
  • Archibald Hunter
  • John Grandy
  • Alexander Godley