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Kingdom of New Brittania
Official language English
Capital Willow
Largest cities Willow, New Saigon and Hart
Number of citizens 6000
Number of active citizens 11
Date founded August 2005
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader King Jeremy Bellamy II
Currency FONs
National animal Pigeon
National fruit/food Apple
National drink Cider
Nation's total GDP n/a

The Kingdom of New Brittania or the New Brittanian Empire is a micronation founded on August 9th 2005. The current Monarch is Jeremy Bellamy.

New Brittania is a secessionist micronation located in the UK claiming vast amounts of land in Lincolnshire, England. In addition to this the national also holds territory on MCS and GSO.


The country started off under the name of The Kingdom of Willow, flying a brown flag with a green cross. In November 2005 a communist revolution took place and King Jeremy was removed. After two weeks the King returned to the nation and removed the communists, to wide spread relief throughout The Kingdom of Willow. After this unpleasantness, the King wanted a new start so he renamed the nation The Kingdom of New Brittania and adopted the pre-1801 flag of the British union. After the death of King Jeremy I the nation spent a brief period under the name "The Kingdom of Númenor" however it has changed back since.


In August 2005 Jeremy Bellamy chose to break away from the UK to develop a country of his own devising. This nation was originally called the Kingdom of Willow and the flag was brown with a green cross, since then the name has changed and the old British flag has been adopted. One relic from this period still survives however. The national currency, the FONS, which is equal exactly to ten British pounds, remains and grows stronger each month.

Article from the New Brittanian Site


The nation is led by Jeremy Bellamy, a monarch who has a lot of power over the micronation. In his support is a parliament made up of competing parties and the House of Lords consisting of the Dukes and Lords of the nation. The ultimate prize for any political party is the Prime-Ministerial position which has to date been held by four different people.

Sadly, the first ever democratic Prime-Ministrational election was void due to a fraud leading to someone voting 13 times for the same person, but it didn't affect the final vote. Nathan Melton took the role of Primeminister several hours later than planned due to the mix up with the polls.

On Monday 6th March 2006, Nathan Melton announced that he was stepping down after just a month in the role of Prime-Minister of the nation, since then several other elections have taken place the most recent of which occured on Friday 1st June 2007.

Royal Family

Living Royals:

  • His Majesty King Jeremy II, King of the Kingdom of New Brittania and Head of the Royal House of Franklin
  • His Royal Highness Prince Vincent, Nephew of His Majesty the King, Prince of the Principality of Ithilien and Member of the Royal House of Franklin
  • His Royal Highness Prince William, Adopted Nephew of His Majesty the King, Prince of the Principality of Dol Amroth and Head of the Royal House of Shalta

Deceased members of the Royal Family of New Brittania:

  • His Majesty King Jeremy I, Father to His Royal Highness Prince Vincent, Former King of the Kingdom of New Brittania, Former King of the Kingdom of Willow and Former Head of the Royal House of Franklin, who died at the hands of traitors at Haud-en-Nirnaeth, Christmas Day 2006. Brother of King Jeremy II.
  • His Royal Highness Prince Wilfred, Father to His Royal Highness Prince William, Former Head of the Royal House of Shalta, who died gloriously at the Battle of Spencer Fields, October 2005.


New Brittania has in total 6 colonies, the colonies of the Kingdom of New Brittania are:

  • Brittanic New Canton- The capital city of Brittanic New Canton is Alexandria and it can be found in the east of Micras.
  • The Crown Colony of Shalta- Shalta can be seen in north west Micras, the capital city of which is Hart.
  • Kesteven Islands- Port Impregnable is the main city of the Kesteven Islands which are located in eastern Giess.
  • Lynton Island (incorperating the Sandwich Islands) Lynton Island and the Sandwich Islands are in south Giess, the capital city of the island group is Lynton on Lynton Island.
  • New South Vietnam- New Brittania's oldest and smallest island, formerly Chi Nam can be found in Eastern Micras, the largest city on the island is New South Vietnam.
  • St Helena (incorperating the St Edmund Isles)- The most southern New Brittanian colony on Giess, the capital city of Jamestown can be found on St Helena Island.
  • St Churchill and the Virgin Islands (incorperating St Kitts- A small grouping of coastal and river islands in central Micras, due to their small size the islands have no cities although numerous fortresses exist in the colony.
  • The United Christian States- Found in North West Micras,the United Christian states and its capital city of UCS are perhaps New Brittanias most disputed colony.

Diplomatic Relations/Foreign Affairs


The Grand Commonwealth
Nova England




New Brittania in real life is made up largely of farm land with a few villages containing the majority of the nations population. The climate is the same as that of the UK, cloudy with occasional spells of sunshine or rain. A series of small streams run through the country making up a system of water ways, the streams flow down the many hills of the nation. Despite being in an alledgedly flat county, this is not the case.

On GSO and MCS New Brittania is made up of a series of small islands having given up the mainland on MCS in May 2007 for various reasons. The empire also consists

Armed forces

In real life New Brittania has no armed forces due to a distinct lack of weaponry, however amoungst Micronations New Brittania concentrates mainly on sea power. The Royal New Brittanian Navy is thought by some to be the most formidable on Giess or Micras having completed a series of campaigns at sea during recwars with huge effect. The land forces are still large by micronational standards (150,000 men having been used in the Matbaic war of liberation) however the land based airforce is rarely used for anything other as home defence as many New Brittanian wars take place over-seas.

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