Britannic Empire

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The Britannic Empire
Official language English
Capital Willow
Largest cities Hart, Port Diana
Website Deleted 2010
Forum Deleted 2011
Wiki N/A
Number of citizens 14
Number of active citizens 8
Date founded 09/08/05
Government Monarchy
Current leader King Hart III
Currency Fons
National animal Wood Pigeon
National fruit/food Apple
National drink Cyder
Map versions 8.0.1 - 13.7.1

The Britannic Empire was a micronation located in north-eastern Micras and based culturally on the British Empire. From the small "Home Islands" the Empire went on to colonise large swathes of land and was, at one point, one of the largest nations on Micras. The nation declined steadily following various changes of leadership in 2007 before eventually being locked-down in the summer of 2008.


The Britannic Empire changed its name and cultural emphasis repeatedly having begun life as "The Kingdom of Willow" before being renamed "New Brittania" [sic], "New Britannia", "Númenor", "New Britannia" again and finally the Britannic Empire. The most major change occured during the Númenor era during which a culture based on Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings" was briefly adopted before a return to Imperial Britain.


The history of the Britannic Empire on Micras was both colourful and hugely varied. New Britannia first appeared on the MCS map as a region of Nova England before claiming seperate territory and gradually annexing Chi Nam which would eventually become the jewel in the crown of the Empire; New South Vietnam. Shortly after entering Micras New Britannia was plunged into the Circum Raynor war in the defence of the United Christian States and landed forces in Woodstania to capture the northern city of Sudentor. This would be the first of many recwars the Britannic Empire would fight, most notably a brief war with the Kingdom of Lovely in which the Empire fielded 350,000 troops under the command of 14 individuals; this record for overwhelming force still stands unbeaten to this day. At its peak the Britannic Empire controlled the western half of the continent of Benacia as well as several other territories which made it one of the largest Micronations on Micras.

During September 2006 the Britannic Empire undertook a "Race to the Pole" with the Kingdom of Nova England and Kampong and, following events recorded in a backstory now held only on the MCS archive forum, the Britannic flag was the first to be hoisted on the North Pole. This achievement is recorded in a small caption at the top of the Micras map; no other Micronation has ever been afforded such an honour.


The Royal Family, particularly the King, were always the foremost political players in the Empire. A parliamentary system did exist with a House of Commons acting as the lower chamber while the House of Lords occupied the position as the superior and upper house, however the lack of interest from many citizens meant that parliament rarely undertook anything other than elections which occured on an irregular basis and with very limited competition. The militaristic and royalist culture practiced by the population meant that democracy was never particular active and parliament never challenged royal authority at any point.


What appears below is a list of colonies produced at one particular point in Britannic history and is not a complete list.

  • Brittanic New Canton- The capital city of Brittanic New Canton is Alexandria and it can be found in the east of Micras.
  • The Crown Colony of Shalta- Shalta can be seen in north west Micras, the capital city of which is Hart.
  • Kesteven Islands- Port Impregnable is the main city of the Kesteven Islands which are located in eastern Giess.
  • Lynton Island (incorperating the Sandwich Islands) Lynton Island and the Sandwich Islands are in south Giess, the capital city of the island group is Lynton on Lynton Island.
  • New South Vietnam- New Brittania's oldest and smallest island, formerly Chi Nam can be found in Eastern Micras, the largest city on the island is New South Vietnam.
  • St Helena (incorperating the St Edmund Isles)- The most southern New Brittanian colony on Giess, the capital city of Jamestown can be found on St Helena Island.
  • St Churchill and the Virgin Islands (incorperating St Kitts- A small grouping of coastal and river islands in central Micras, due to their small size the islands have no cities although numerous fortresses exist in the colony.
  • The United Christian States- Found in North West Micras,the United Christian states and its capital city of UCS are perhaps New Brittanias most disputed colony.
  • Franklin and North Hertzagavina- In the centre of Northern Micras gives New Brittania influence in the region which reflects the nations increased interest.
  • Witham- A medium sized colony neighbouring Brittanic New Canton on Micras, Witham is a rural colony containing a large airbase.
  • Ithilen- This Principality is left-over from the Númenor period, it hosts the Royal house of Franklin and is home to Prince Vincent.
  • Dol Amroth- The second Númenorean Principality is home to the house of Shalta and their leader Prince William.
  • Koranga- this Crown Colony can be found in central northern Micras and is a popular tourist destination amoungst Brittanians.