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Braxian people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union 5,109,836
Braxian Religion
A portrait of a Braxian male.

The Braxian people are a unique race of Gamesman which since time immemorial has inhabited the vast cavern system that extends outwards from beneath the waters of Lake Norton.

Keeper of the Arterial Realm

Despite a lack of vivid descriptions, the Arterial Realm is often depicted as a land of wide rivers, tall volcanoes, and strange celestial objects.

The Braxian people who comprise the nation of The Corumian Underground are governed by a monarch whose power and influence are derived from access to the secrets of the Arterial realm, which according to ancient Braxian beliefs is a world that exists far beneath the Micrasian surface, in a tremendous void which surrounds the planet's core. An entire world in and of itself, the Arterial Realm - according to Braxian tradition - can only be accessed via a specific network of caverns known only to a handful of people, among them the ruler of the Corumian Underground. According to tradition, only a few have traveled the Arterial Realm, and none have returned without first earning the favor of the Titans who abide there.

Braxians in Pop-Culture

A movie poster for Hans Bakovic's thriller, Lakeside..

The Braxian people have, in the period since the annexation by Passio-Corum of Lake Norton, attained a level of pop-cultural significance around the world. Most notably, Braxian characters played a leading role as antagonists in the 1657 AN movie by acclaimed Caputian director, Hans Bakovic, entitled Lakeside.