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Flag of Brandenburg
Coat of Arms of Brandenburg
Coat of Arms
Motto: '
Location of Brandenburg
Administrative Division Hauptstadtregion Brandenburg
Founded 1672 AN
Demonym Brandenburgish
Leadership Eleonora Bluhm
Transport hubs Flughafen Brandenburg-Schöneberg
Major roads Autobahn 1, 3
Rail connections

Brandenburg is the capital of the Frankish Empire and is a province of that country as a city region. The city is located exactly on the three-state points of the provinces Agningas, Oleslääd and Tsofnland. The river Elce flows through the city.

With the revival of the Kingdom of Amokolia, only part of the historic Amokolia was brought under that kingdom. The ancient capital of Amokolia, Anun, did not become part of the kingdom. Because of this, another city had to be chosen as the capital. It was decided to found a new city: Brandenburg.


The city has no long history because it was founded relatively recently at the location of Brandenburg Manor, a house that was given to Arkadius IV by Kaiser Ayreon IV along with the title Duke of Brandenburg in 1670. The location of the city was chosen at the three-state point of three of the provinces: Agningas, Olesääd and Tsofnland. The institutions were given a place in the city in a short time.

On 12.VI.1672 Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy was crowned king of Amokolia when the city was still under construction. The Hauptbahnhof Peterplatz was not yet ready for the arrival of the coming king. The scaffolding around the Brandenburg Cathedral was removed two days before the coronation ceremony.

The declaration of independence of the Kingdom of Amokolia is named after the new capital: Declaration of Brandenburg. The original document is exhibited in the "Hall of the Kings" of the Hofburg Palace.


The newly built city has spacious avenues, with the Brandenburger Tor (Common Tongue: Brandenburg Gate) as the focal point. One of those avenues is the Unter den Eicken (Common Tongue: Under the oaks) between the Brandenburger Tor and the Arkadius Palace. This avenue is the most prestigious avenue in the city. There are important buildings on this avenue, such as the Jess Palace.


The city lies in the valley of the river Elce, between the Gänslein Kamm (Gosling ridge) and the Amokolian plateau. The river Elce winds its way from southwest to northeast through the city.

With an area of 7,128 km² (2,752 mi2), Brandenburg is one of the most extensive cities in Amokolia. Moreover, around 30% of the city consists of nature and parks, making the city one of the greenest cities in Francia.