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Children outside a house Brůz̀c͂awř waiting to go fishing.

Brůz̀c͂awř (pronounced brooz-KOR-sh) is a village in the River Warriors' AR. The village has a population of 516 living in 102 huts. The village chief is Čëf Zǖwārdæ̈ Drerz̀-Hǖgë, who is 58 years old and has 9 children and 13 grandchildren. The village literacy rate is one of the highest in the River Warriors' AR, at 95%, mainly due to the opening of a new school and a library. The village language is Brůz̀c͂awř Rivorian, although manly of the locals can also communicate in English. The village is home to the football team Brůz̀c͂awř ČůFK.

Brůz̀c͂awř Áȑên I-paákjh

Code: BRZ
Airport type Public
Owner/Operator RVWTrans
Location Brůz̀c͂awř, River Warriors
Direction Length Surface
ft m
10/28 6,604 2,013 Clay

Brůz̀c͂awř Áȑên I-paákjh is a small airport located 1 mile east of Brůz̀c͂awř.


The terminal at Brůz̀c͂awř is small and can accomidate upto 500 people at one time. The airport is entirely made from clay, with the exception of the small terminal which is made of wood.

Airlines and destinations

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