Church of the Black Flame

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Church of the Black Flame
Theology: Black Flame
(Worships the Caradian war hero, King-Saint Godrick I)
Countries The Duchy of Caradia (state religion)
Branches 68 Temples
1,781 Shrines
Members About 1.8 Million

Caradian Flag.png

Statistics: 3.8 Million adherents (none known outside of The Duchy of Caradia)
68,913 Priests
1,819 Clerics
22,873 Inquisitors

The Church of the Black Flame (Flemic Church) is a religion centered in the Caradian city of Relacul. Adherents of the religion worship King-Saint Godrick I of Caradia, and venerate valour in combat above all else. It is divided into two sections; the ecclesiarchy, currently headed by Archbishop Lord-Saint Alexandru Șîreameș, and the Inquisition, currently headed by Grand Inquisitor Count Theabesfin.

Core Beliefs

Godrick I

The Holy Sepulchre of King-Saint Godrick I, where he is buried, and where the seat of power for the Flemic Church is

Official doctrine of the Flemic Church is that Godrick I walked Micras as a living god. Godrick I was not revered as a god during his life, though he certainly had followers who believed him to be something more than mortal. Whether Godrick was aware of his own divinity is a matter of debate among Flemic Church officials. Regardless, adherents believe that He was and still is a god, and the god that watches personally over Caradia. This fact both promotes nationalism among the Caradian adherents, though it makes it near impossible for the religion to spread outside of Caradia, doubly so when it is attempted to be spread to a country that already has a culture of strong nationalism.

The Eight-Edged Way

Though Godrick I rests as the god and prophet of the Flemic Church, most liturgical and religious practices are designed and carried out according to a set of tenets modeled supremely by Godrick I, and by his antithesis, his father, Farthur Selck. The Eight-Edged Way is usually depicted as an image of a double-edged sword, with the four Noble Tenets on one side, and the four Ignoble Tenets on the other. The tenets of the Eight-Edged Way are as follows:

  1. Honour: Your duty is to your country, and your countrymen
  2. Valour: You are to serve in the defense of your lands, directly or indirectly
  3. Virtue: There is no greater honour than to die for your fellow man
  4. Glory: You are to live a life guided by this Way, and become closer to the divine
  5. Destruction: Senseless destruction shall cause the death of your country
  6. Treason: If you cannot be loyal to your country, it is best that you are removed
  7. Cowardice: There is no greater dishonour than to preserve yourself over those who rely on your strength
  8. Death: Separation from the divine causes the death of the soul


Doctrine of the Flemic Church makes strong claims on the accuracy of the miracles allegedly performed by King-Saint Godrick I, claiming near every alleged miracle to be absolute truth, as told by witnesses. Occasionally, persons are born within the church who perform minor miracles. These people are believed to be blessed by Godrick himself, and are as such given the title Saint, and added to the Charter of Glory, which catalogues every known Saint from the death of Godrick I to the present. These people are given deference on all ecclesiastical matters, doctrine stating that the words of Saints are direct scripture from Godrick himself.

Every so often, an heir to the royal lineage of Caradia will display miraculous power. Once confirmed by the Archbishop, the miraculous heir's name is changed to King-Saint Godrick, and they are immediately placed on the Caradian throne until death. These people command the hearts of Flemic Adherents, as they are believed to be direct reincarnations of the first King-Saint Godrick.