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| nickname  = The Winged Scarabs
| nickname  = The Winged Scarabs
| shortname = Birgeshir
| shortname = Birgeshir
| founded  = 2010 (as VSK Birgeshir)<br>2017 (as National team)
| founded  = 2010 (as [[VSK Birgeshir]])<br>2017 (as National team)
| dissolved =  
| dissolved =  
| arena    = Otaq Basketbol Arena (14,059)
| arena    = Otaq Basketbol Arena (14,059)

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Birgeshir Birgeshir
Nickname(s) The Winged Scarabs
Short name Birgeshir
Founded 2010 (as VSK Birgeshir)
2017 (as National team)
Arena Otaq Basketbol Arena (14,059)
League Micras Basketball League (International Edition)

The Birgeshir national basketball team is the representative side of Birgeshir in basketball.


The team was formerly a club called VSK Birgeshir and was founded in 2010 (making it the oldest team sport in the micronation) and competed in basketball leagues outside Micras representing Birgeshir.

In 2013,VSKB joined the MBA soon after the foundation of the league playing only one season.

In 2017,the Micras Basketball League (International Edition) was founded and the VSKB became a National Team in order to join the international competition.