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Benjamin Cambernon

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Benjamin Cambernon

Full Name: Benjamin Cambernon
Alias Bibi


Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair Color and Style: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white

Biographical Information

Date of Birth: 1641 AN
Place of Birth: Flensborg
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Residence(s): 's Koningenwaarde, Batavia
Nationality: Batavian
Occupation: Member of the Lagerhuis

Benjamin Cambernon is a Batavian politician for the Conservative Monarchist Party. In the elections of 1668 AN he was elected to the Lagerhuis and in 1671 AN he was elected party leader. He succeeds Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, who left the party with his coronation as king of Batavia.

Early life

Benjamin was born in the city of Flensborg, which was under Shirerithian rule at the time. He studied political science and international law at the University of Goldshire in Shireroth. There he met Arkadius and became good friends. Then Benjamin studied Batavian histories at the Royal Julius Civilis University in ‘s Koningenwaarde.

Political life

With the reestablishment of the Conservative Monarchist Party in 1666 AN Benjamin immediately became a member. He was soon seen as the "crown prince" of the party. At the coronation of Arkadius he was named for the office of prime minister, but that was assigned to Joachim Mackay, as an independent candidate.

Benjamin was elected party leader during the 1671 AN party congress. Benjamin was appointed prime minister under the state of emergency.