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Originally established in 3300 under the name “Kedah,” the city of Bel-Air represents a unique culture comprised of a blend of Pallisican and Hammish cultures. For the first 656 years of its existence, the city served as the center of commerce between Passas and Hamland. When Passas collapsed in 3634, the people Kedah migrated East, into the area modern day Indokistan. The city of Bel-Air would be built by the Hammish on the ruins of Kedah in the year 4140. 1,000 years later, in 5130, the city would would be ceded to Passas as part of the agreement which allowed for the establishment of the Commonwealth of Hamland.

Today the city is the largest and wealthiest city in Passas. Indeed, it is among the largest and wealthiest cities in Western Keltia. As the center of commerce in the Bay of Hamland region, the city enjoys a constant vibrancy unlike any other place in Passas. A majority of people here are employed by Bay of Bel Air Merchant Corporation, which provides loans and subsidies to the nation’s merchants.

Bel-Air is home to a large population of nymphs, though discrimination against nymphs is unheard of. This is due in large part to the fact that the city remained largely outside of the Passasian sphere of influence for most of its history, and was therefore able to avoid acquiring a cultural disposition against nymphs. Population (760 WG): 1,548,142