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Behsaz-Eluin (Revive-Elwynn) is a Elwynnese nationalist party for the Babkhi population of the former Elwynnese Republic. Established on 12.II.1665 by defectors from the Nationalist & Humanist Party, the party opposes the partition of Elwynn and especially the abandonment of ethnic Babkhi in the Eluinshahr (Agnesia) to the Cimmerian Icebear Cult.

The party is supported by the Zurvanite religious community, with representatives of the Association of Zurvanist Temples and the Babkhi Orthodoxy Society taking prominent seats on the leadership council.

Following the Kalirion Fracture it has taken a more stridently nationalistic tone, campaigning to maintain and advance the rights of the "Babkhi majority" in southern Elwynn. The rancour of their previous rupture prior to the Elwynnese Civil War now being forgotten, the Behsaz-Eluin is a junior coalition partner of the N&H administration of the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic.