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Batavian Trading Company

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Batavian Trading Company
Type Multinational trading company
Industry Various
Founded 1672 AN
Headquarters 's Koningenwaarde, Batavia
Key people Pieter-Jan Terlinck
Products Various
Monument "Plus Ultra" in front of the headquarters of the company

The Batavian Trading Company (Batavian: Bataafsche Handelsmaatschappij) is a Batavian trading company with its head office in ’s Koningenwaarde. The current CEO is Pieter-Jan Terlinck.

The company's motto is Plus Ultra (Always further).


The current company sees itself as a continuation of the historic Batavian Company (Batavian: Bataafsche Compagnie). This company played an important role in trade between the various colonies of the Batavian Empire. With the fall of this empire, this company also collapsed.

The founding of the Batavian Confederation was the reason to bring the company back to life.


In addition to a fleet of ships, the company also owns cargo aircrafts. In addition, the company also owns a few factories of products in line with the company's trade.

Trade items

The trading network is supported by trading posts and local offices. Overview of trading items:

Flag Country Locations Activities
Alduria flag.png Alduria Punta Santiago and Susa Trade in oil (in collaboration with Arcadian Oil Company)
Arcadia flag.png Arcadia Cruoninga, Haltna, Koningsrots, Pentyre, Schaarlecht and Vinneta Trade in chemicals, chromium, coffee, iron, rum, salt, silk, spices and tobacco and wine
Batavieflag.gif Batavia 's Koningenwaarde, Avalon, Glastonburg, Hofstadt, Kingsrise and Point Vincent Trade in beer, industrial products, ivory and tin.
640px-Flag of Helderbourgh.png Helderbourgh Leichenhafen and Steermouth Trade in gold and tropical fruit

Coin system

To regulate exchange rates, the company makes its own currency, this currency is called the Golden Kruys. The coin is minted in the mint in Hofstadt, especially with gold from Helderbourgh.

Private militia

The company has its own militia to protect ships, grounds and buildings.