Bastion Union

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The Bastion Union is an intermicronational organisation that hosts forums for its member states and provides a platform for contact and discourse. It is not a political alliance.

Member nations

The Bastion Union has eight members at this moment.

Flag Member State Capital Head of State Date of Membership
Astoria Astoria Walsingham President Gaius 2016
Blackstone Blackstone Blackstone Ludovic Verion 2016
Calbion Calbion Pentyre King Jack II 2013
Constancia Constancia Vey Bassileusa Cleo 2016
Craitland Craitland Cherry Trees Craitman 2014
Gerenia Gerenia Nevaya Gerald Ruze 2016
Great Willow Great Willow Westminster Ira Altain 2016
Jingdao Jingdaoese Empire Daocheng Kattei Emperor 2012
Natopia Natopia Lindström Nathan Waffel-Paine 2011
Shireroth Shireroth Shirekeep Kaiser 2010