Bassarid Quadwalkers

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Quadwalkers are advanced automatic roving weapons systems designed by the Corumian branch of the Shirley Stock Fund, and employed by law enforcement agencies across the Bassarids.


Research and Development

Artificial Nociception Systems

A key element of Quadwalker design is its complex array of highly sensitive and extensively integrated digital nociceptors which allow for the preemptive detection and response to threats which may arise on the field of engagement. The development of this technology, which minimizes the direct threats posed by bombs, missiles, and rockets, is the result of a joint-effort between researchers at the Shirley Stock Fund and the New Zimian Space Exploration and Settlement Agency,


In the Bassarids

In 41.86 PSSC, the New Zimian War League confirmed that it had authorized, as part of an effort to improve the efficacy of local law enforcement operations, the deployment of over 1,000 quadwalkers to cities across the Imperial Trade Union. The decision to deploy these units was made in the aftermath of the rebellions which swept the nation's monasteries and other religious centers in the early to mid 41st era PSSC. Of all units which were deployed, around two-thirds were equipped with non-lethal or less-lethal armaments designed to support crowd control operations in areas of the Trade Union still heavily opposed to the influence of the Council of Courts. The remaining one-third were deployed with lethal weaponry designed to aid local security forces in protecting the Bassarids' far-flung territories against raids carried out by citizens of the Green, and by hostile foreign powers.

Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans

In 42.86 PSSC it was confirmed by the International Anti-Piracy League that a limited number of Bassarid Quadwalkers had fallen into the hands of organizations affiliated with the Alliance of the Bassarid Oceans. This confirmation arrived in light of ongoing rumors that some quadwalkers had been observed acting in favor of police and military operations carried out in the cities of Blore Heath and Mylecia. In one instance, several "Dungbeetles" were seen defending a military warehouse in Blore Heath against Bassarid authorities, as it was assaulted and eventually plundered by Alliance-affiliated criminal paramilitary forces. In another instance, guards at a temple on the outskirts of Mylecia were forced to retreat after coming sudden attack by the pair of quadwalkers assigned to their unit. In addition to these confirmed reports, a handful of quadwalkers are also rumored to have been employed in a mutiny aboard a Bassarid merchant marine vessel operating in the Saint Andre Islands.

Across the USSO

Twelve units were purchased by the government of Eridu after approval by the Hexarchy's Council of Six to deploy on the south border of the Ereshkigal Forest. Notably, these are used to occasionally venture into the forest to monitor the ecosystem and ensure that human inhabitants do not remain for long, as it remains a strict wildlife preserve (while, in practice, a also place to conveniently dispose of unruly prisoners in the north without actually killing anyone directly).


Model Image Model Type Place of Origin In Service Used by Designed Manufacturers Weight Length Engine Main Armament Secondary Armament
Horehound.jpg Quadwalker "Horehound" 4170 Port of Corumia 768 (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.70 PSSC Port of Corumia 2.52t 16 Classified Classified Classified
Quad4172b.jpg Quadwalker "Dungbeetle" 4172 Port of Corumia 506 (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.70 PSSC Port of Corumia 2.12t 11ft Classified Classified Classified
GuadgatB.jpg Quadwalker "Deve-Adred" 4187 Port of Corumia TBD (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.70 PSSC Port of Corumia 1.85t 12 Classified Classified Classified
Quadrocketice.jpg Quadwalker "Oble-Lisea" 4189 Port of Corumia TBD (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.70 PSSC Port of Corumia 1.96t 13.2 Classified Classified Classified
UrbanquadE.jpg Quadwalker "Danaß Brót" 4190 Port of Corumia TBD (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.70 PSSC Port of Corumia 5.72t 15.2 Classified Classified Classified
Killbtc.jpg Quadwalker "Killbot" 4200 Port of Corumia TBD (41.70-Present PSSC) Flag CSSO.png USSO 41.00-41.95 PSSC Port of Corumia 5.72t 15.2 Classified Classified Classified