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The Ayreonist Alliance is a new radical, liberal Ayreonist party in Elwynn. Founded in 1683 by former members of the now banned Ayreonist Independence Party youth wing. It will participate in the 1683 Elwynnese general elections.

Its programme is a more radical and liberal form of Ayreonism, where it favours a big social state, end to the devolution of autonomous republics, more power to individual bailiwicks to govern their internal affairs, less state interference in the market, in favour of free trade with all nations (not only the Raspur Pact), Amokolian reunification within Elwynn ("Elw, Babkhi, Norse, Amokolian: We are the same Elwynnese nation"), more environemtal control, more civil liberties, end to the banning of political parties (regardless of ideology).

With regard to the Froyalanish genocide, the Alliance views the removal of the Froyalanish elite from positions of power in Elwynn as necessary, as the Froyalaners had no interest in upholding or participating in a true multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual society. Rather, the Alliance views the Froyalanish elite as an imperialist colonizer who saw all non-Froyalaners as an underclass to be dominated and exploited. As such, there was no doubt that the Froyalaners had to leave their positions of political, financial and cultural power, lest the entire Elwynnese nation would suffer a genocide of its own. However, the Alliance laments the deaths of millions of Froyalaners at the hands of the Shirerithian Imperial forces. Feudalism and imperialism, the Alliance argues, are causes of genocide. It occurred in Elwynn against the Elwynnese nation, albeit slowly, by the Froyalaners, and it occurred once more against the Froyalaners, though much faster this time, by the imperialist feudalists of the Shirerithian government and armed forces.