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The House of Ayreon-Kalirion (In Babkhi: Arsalani-Kaleriyyûn; Elw: Aireoon-Kalirion) is an imperial bloodline, house and dynasty originating in Babkha. For a more extensive history of the house, see the Shirewiki article. Founded in 1442 upon marriage between the Babkhan aristocrat and anthropologist Eskender Arsalani and Princess Isa Raynor of Brookshire, membership in the house is defined to belong to the legitimate issue of that union as well as such spouses as are legally married to them. The related Kalir line is defined to include the descendants of Isa Raynor of Brookshire's brother Kaiser Los I. The unified Line of Sora merges the two lines, defined therefore as descendendants of Princess Sora and Prince Paul of Brookshire.

Members born into the house have governed Babkha (1529–1541), Shireroth (1541–1544, 1552–1555, 1564–1565, 1588–1589, 1620–1623, 1644–present), Natopia (1610–1619), as well as several of Shireroth's former imperial states and territories (including Elwynn and Sathrati).

Famous living members


Tuuler Kalir (1420–1512), daughter of Prince Paul Raynor of Brookshire and his wife Sora of Hyperborea, was the sister of Kaiser Los I and married Babkhan anthropologist Eskender Arsalani (1418–1499), giving birth to the Euran branch of the line (also called Ayreon-Kalirion) (note, all dates are in the Elw calendar).

Through Paul Raynor, all his descendants can trace their descent to Kaiser Raynor I through Kaiser Raynor II, Kaiser Raynor III, Kaiser Raynor IV, Kaiser Raynor V, Kaiser Raynor VI, Kaiser Raynor VI, Kaiser Raynor VII, Kaiser Raynor VIII, and Kaiser Raynor IX.

Dispute with Stormark

Due to the Shirerithian annulment of the marriages between Lady Esther Ayreon-Kalirion and Storish Storjarl (and later Shirerithian kaiser) Hallbjörn Haraldsson and between Kaiseress Noor and Hallbjörn's son Noah on the grounds of demonism on behalf of the grooms, the descendants of those unions are not regarded, under Shirerithian law (and across the Raspur Pact), as members of the house. In Stormark, however, the annulments are not recognized. As such, the House of Ayreon-Kalirion continues to have a presence in Stormark that is not recognized outside Stormark. Living members of the Storish so-called branch include Hallbjörn Haraldsson, Noah, Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir. Stormark does also not recognize the legality of both the Auspicious Occasion and the so-called Froyalanish genocide.