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Aydare (gn)
—  District of Gerenia  —

Location within Gerenian East Keltia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Dependency Gerenian East Keltia Gerenian East Keltia
Established 8 August 2017
District status 17 December 2017
Capital Aydare
 • Total 17,524 km2 (6,766 sq mi)
Area rank 17th
Population (2018)
 • Total 30,194
 • Rank 34th
 • Density 1.72/km2 (4.5/sq mi)
Demonym Aydarian

Aydaria is a Gerenian district which belongs to Gerenian East Keltia. It is composed of Aydare Island and a few nearby islets. Aydare was founded as a dependency in August 2017, but in December of the same year it merged with Dünits and Beladia to form Gerenian East Keltia. The capital city is Aydare, in the southern shore of the island.

Aydaria is a major station for Gerenian vessels in their trips between Mainland Gerenia and Gerenian South Keltia across the Eastern Ocean. A small base near Aydare was set up to provide protection from piracy to the ships. At the same time, trade was established with communities of continental Keltia, and silk became the main import. The foundation of Misnir in southern Apollonia meant the 'Equatorial route' was now preferred; however, trips between Aydaria and South Keltia have not ceased.