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Audentior Independent Nation
Official language English
Capital Airosamente
Largest cities Telsoun, Velike, Christophia, Apolyton
Website New Audentior Website
Forum New Audentior Forum
Number of citizens 96
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded August 6th 1999
Government Republic
Current leader Scott Alexander
Currency Audente (@)
National animal Phoenix
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 5.4.1 - 6.5.1, 13.8.5

Audentior was originally founded on August 6 1999 under the name Apolyton as a project associated with the off-topic forum of Apolyton Civilization Site. Although it folded after a few weeks, it was resurrected in November 1999 as Audentior, under the leadership of Scott Alexander and Evan von Christoph. It prospered, drawing citizens from the Apolyton Civilization Site boards, and achieved a functional government and vibrant culture. Mark Laanen was chosen the first Prime Minister, and a Parliament was elected. The population briefly reached a hundred people. Unfortunately, a dissident group, the Automatic Party, led a major rebellion in February 2000 that split the country in half. Various incarnations of Audentior came and went over its long history before the death of the Seventh Republic (New Audentior) in late 2003. Audentior is nonetheless believed to be one of the formative nations of the Micran Sector and many of Micras' oldest and best established nations- most notably Shireroth- can trace their roots back to Audentine citizens and politics. The nation was also renowned for its large activity levels

First Audentior

Audentior was originally founded on August 6 1999 under the name Apolyton as a project associated with the off-topic forum of Apolyton Civilization Site. Although it folded after a few weeks, it was resurrected in November 1999 as Audentior, under the leadership of Scott Alexander and Evan von Christoph.

Audentior was a representative democracy, with an elected parliament of five people and no single leader. The executive branch consisted of a number of weak ministries, and the judicial branch of an independent court. Elections for Parliament were held every two months and were highly partisan.

The nation's troubles began when the Automatic For The People Party under John Sager began a populist campaign in January 2000, using rhetoric about taking the power out of the hands of a few elite and giving it to the average Audente. Their confrontational style led to a crisis with the nation leadership, and they seceded the next month, becoming their own nation.

Audentior was bitterly opposed to the AFTP, and spent some time warring against it by proxy, with the powerful parliamentarian Evan von Christoph using allies like United Demesos and Republic of Blackrock to fight Sager despite the parliament's deadlock on the issue. Eventually, in March 2000, Evan seized power with the support of the military, transforming the country into the Audente Empire.

As Emperor, Evan rearranged the government into a feudal system, replacing the Ministers with Lords and gathering power in himself and his "secret police". Launching a number of widespread reforms to curb the influence of doubtlessly present Automatic spies, he went too far in banning all dual citizenship. A number of Audentes left the country, and because almost all Automatics were Audentes, AFTP was able to win a majority in the Audente Parliament. Soon the country fell apart in general.

Middle Audentior

In May 2000, Flying Islands of Jasonia, Hyperborea, Tapfer, and Shireroth decided to merge. The resulting country was named Audentior both as an homage to the glories of the past and in order to take advantage of the Audente boards and website. This new Audentior quickly took out the now-moribund Automatic state, as well as its successor Paramount with some aid from Blackrock.

The country originally featured a system similar to the old Audentior, with judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government in the form of the Court of Justice, the Tetrapole, and the Ministries respectively. Unlike the old Audentior, it was divided administratively into provinces, these being the four original forming nations, each of which sent a Tetrapole representative. Also unlike its predecessor, each branch of government elected a chair, and the three chairs elected one of their number to be head of state. For Middle Audentior's lifespan, the head of state was Scott Alexander.

Middle Audentior's problems started when the Jasonians and their supporters rallied in favor of direct democracy, claiming the Tetrapole was inefficient. After some tense times, as well as the establishment of some long-lasting feuds, a compromise was reached. This was closely followed by a new riot, in which people demanded a President. Although some of the country's founders, especially Scott Alexander protested, the position was eventually added. The first presidential elections were completely rigged by Bill Dusch of the Demesosian Party. His political opponents responded by seceding - starting with Shireroth - and the country collapsed into infighting.

Although Evan von Christoph and Orion tried to preserve Audentior as an empire, and Scott Alexander launched a second attempt to preserve Audentior as a direct democracy, the country failed, with its former citizens heading to Jasonia instead.

Quick-thinking negotiators managed to redraft the Audente constitution to placate both sides, coming up with a compromise that included a strong executive, and the Fifth Republic was inauguarted after only a day or two of anarchy. Partisan politics was the order of the day, and this era was marked by loud and divisive fights between Audentior's two major parties. When the executive election took place in July, ending with Bill Dusch taking the Presidency, his opponents, charging voter fraud, seceded from the nation, and the Fifth Republic was destroyed in the ensuing chaos.

One of the last Audentes to remain in the country, Orion, briefly attempted to turn back the decay by reworking the country's foundations, with backing from former Chancellor von Christoph. This Sixth Republic, which went by a variety of failed names, from Apolyton to Antya, had little backing and was generally insignificant. When its failure became evident, Orion and von Christoph closed the forum, and Audentior remained lifeless for the next two years.

New Audentior (Seventh Republic)

New Audentior was founded by Scott Alexander in 2003 as a place to test micronational theories he had come up with in the intervening years and reintroduce the best facets of the micronationalism of the old days. Its government was similar to previous incarnations of Audentior except for the existence of two executive positions, the Premier and the Chancellor.

Although New Audentior was wildly successful for two months, attracting some of the micronational world's top names as citizens and bringing back seemingly lost veterans like Evan von Christoph and John Sager, it began to fracture. The ruling Audente Values Party, led by Thomas Cutterham and Philip Locke, was, despite an obvious attempt to be all-inclusive and non-controversial, opposed bitterly by Harvey Steffke and Bill Dusch, for a couple of reasons. The major reason is that Bill Dusch and Harvey Steffke hated political parties; as well, both citizens had differeing ideas for the nation from the AVP, being former Jasonians. After a particularly bad argument in which many opponents of the AVP left the country, mostly due to the fact that the AVP had won all of the political positions of the nation, with the opponents having nothing to do and having no say in the government, progress stopped as most of the necessary laws were in place, everyone was in agreement, and no one saw any need to do any more. The nation died through boredom, and is a prime example of why a micronation needs more than one faction to survive. A few days later, the premier resigned, and the nation quietly folded away.