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Atacama Corporation

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Atacama Corporation is a company registered and operating under the laws of the Imperial State of Constancia.


Atacama Corporation is governed by a Chief Executive, who reports to the Court of Directors.

Its Chief Executive from 1663-1690 was Viljo Kaljurand, and Matthäus Koeppen from 1690-1693.

Chair: The Countess Palatine of Mirioth and Amity
Vice Chair: The Viljo Kaljurand
Court of Directors:

Chief Executive: Bjørn Koeppen

Lines of Business

Atacama Corporation is a shareholder of the Constancian Commercial Exchange Corporation, and holds a brokerage seat.

It is the owner of the ruins of Atacama, which was conveyed to it in fee simple. It owns 9.9% of Banca Credito Commercio Immobiliare. It is also a minor shareholder (1,000 shares) of Zjandarian Railway Construction & Development Corporation.

On 11.VI.1690, an additional 8.9997% of the company was acquired by Oranjesion Private Equity Capital via share purchase on the open market, resulting in Oranjesion Private Equity Capital assuming nearly 19% ownership over the company.


Former Chief Executive Viljo Kaljurand had become a rather lackadaisical caretaker executive since the loss of the Thema Oranjesion territories on Kendall Isle, with him keeping the status quo, making the most minimal of decisions and essentially living off the fat of the slim profits from the 9.9% stake the company held with the secretive Banca Credito Commercio Immobiliare, an alleged usurer and money launderer. Appointment to the Imperial Senate did not help his prospects, and while many shareholders loudly complained over the dimunition of more than 90% of the value of their shares, it was the apathy and inactive silence from the majority shareholders that decided the issue.

Beginning 1691, the new Chief Executive, Matthäus Koeppen, began an aggressive way forward for the moribund corporation. Loans for working capital were sourced from its major shareholders, Oranjesion Private Equity Capital, a Shirerithian corporation, and the world-known Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia. In a major gamble, 200 million Natopos were borrowed from its major shareholders, secured against existing corporate assets, of which 50 million Natopos were immediately invested in purchasing Ijubicastagrad land, with 20 million obligated for buildings and improvements.

After a term of service from 1690-1693, Matthäus Koeppen stepped down as Chief Executive, and he was replaced at the 1694 Annual Shareholders Meeting by Toghemur Ghazan, former Minister for Molivadia, as Chief Executive.

The 1696 Annual Shareholders Meeting surprisingly elected Bjørn Koeppen, eldest son of Matthäus Koeppen, to the Court of Directors and likewise elected him Chief Executive.