Aspiranto language

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The Aspiranto language is a constructed language for the aid of international communication. Its intention was to find a neutral way of communicating across cultures and societies.

The word "aspiranto" translates into English as "one who aspires." Aspiranto serves as Micras's version of Esperanto.

When using the Norton calendar, Aspiranto has a unique nomenclature for the months of the year and days of the week. This derives from the unique history of Micras, the differing months from the Gregorian calendar, and the absence of the Earth's solar system as an inspiration. Months in Aspiranto are marked by the suffix "-emo" whereas days of the week are marked by "-ago."

Today, it is a national language of Meckelnburgh, as the liturgical language of the state-sponsored Church of Meckelnburgh. Aspiranto has also been the official language of Charlotta, Mania and Mayo.