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Asamblea Nacional de la República

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Asamblea Nacional de la República
Seats 125
Political groups

Government (78)

Opposition (47)

  •      Partido Conservador (23)
  •      ¡Adelante! (15)
  •      Partido de la Izquierda (9)
Voting system
Mixed system
65 members elected in a party list proportional system, 60 members elected in a single-member constituency first-past-the-post system.
Last election
Next election
The Casa del Pueblo, where the Asamblea Nacional de la República meets

The Asamblea Nacional de la República (National Assembly of the Republic) is the unicameral legislature of Los Liberados. It was established in 1669 as part of the democratic reforms of President Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez. It is the primary legislature of the nation, although the Junta de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Council) also has the power to issue legislative decrees. The Asamblea holds its meetings in the Casa del Pueblo, the government complex in Puerto Arcadio.

Allocation of Seats

The Asamblea Nacional de la República is composed of 125 members, all of which are elected by the people of Los Liberados in a mixed system in which 65 seats are elected using proportional representation where members are elected on a party list system, with a 5% treshold. The remaining 60 seats are allocated using single-member constituency voting and the first-past-the-post method in 60 electoral districts.


Following the 1669 elections, the following parties are represented in the Asamblea Nacional de la República:

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
PLN.png Partido de Liberación Nacional Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez Centrism, conservative (neo)liberalism Red
78 / 125
PartidoC.png Partido Conservador Carlos Geraldo Núñez Conservatism, nationalism Blue
23 / 125
Adelante.png ¡Adelante! Paula Ferraro de Sole Democratic socialism, environmentalism Green
15 / 125
Pdli.png Partido de la Izquierda Matteo de Lombo García Socialism Orange
9 / 125