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Sanaman Armed Forces

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The federal armed forces consist of four branches and two separate services:

The Border Protection Service is a part of the armed forces but under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat for Justice in times of peace, and can be transferred to the Secretariat for Defence in times of war.

Armed Forces Commands

The Armed Forces Commands perform functions for the entire armed forces.


Most equipment utilised by the SFAF was transferred from SALAD, and was acquired either initially during the guerrilla warfare phase against the Modanese authorities and the Imperial Forces or later obtained from Benacia Command under the notorious Oil for Arms agreement negotiated between the guerrillas and representatives of the Black Legions during the early phases of the Kalirion Fracture. The federal government has also set up an arms production cooperative, Sanama Arms Industries, primarily to produce small arms, but with a view to produce other military hardware in the future.