Arkadius III

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Arkadius III (born Antonius des Vinandy in 1552, died 1634) was King of Batavia from 1578 until 1582 or 1585. Not all sources refer to the end of his reign with the same year: some recognise 1582 AN, when Arkadius stepped down under pressure of the armed forces, while others recognise the adoption of a new constitution and the ascension of Mordechai I as official date.

Arkadius III was the son of Arkadius II and Charlotte de Bourbon. Arkadius III was married to Æsileif Haraldsdottir, the daughter of High King Harald of Stormark, from 1584 until his death in 1634. Had a son Frederik Hendrik des Vinandy. Through Frederik Hendrik, Arkadius III is the great grandfather of current Batavian monarch, Arkadius IV.