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"Overshot into the Stuff of Nightmares"

Former Shah of Babkha and secret ruler of everywhere else. Known commonly as 'Ardy' or as any other pseudonym including the word 'Khan'. Briefly Steward of Shireroth under Kaiser Ayreon, and reigned as Kaiser Aurangzeb I.


Often regarded or portrayed as evil, immortal, and/or insane, Ardashir was Shah of Babkha on three separate occasions. Joining Babkha he can be said to have taken the archetype of the scheming evil Grand Vizier and explored it thoroughly, making it his own in the process of evolving from a sly Jaffar to a brutal Timur.

Ardashir was been noted for his almost singular ability to start wars and conflicts of varying levels of seriousness in almost all the corners of the Micras. Perceptive and shrewd on occasion but also heedlessly brutal, Ardashir was not known to suffer fools gladly, except for when they suited his purpose or he was being one himself. Ardashir allegedly "invented" Recwar, although this has subsequently been cast into doubt.

Constantly plotting, Ardashir's first loyalty was to Babkha which he self-identified with a great deal, but in all other regards his loyalties tended to be fluidic.

A representation of the Khan of Vijayanagara, Ardashir's Shirereithan persona, circa 2009

In Babkhan politics Ardashir had been consistently on the nationalist right of the spectrum though he was not bound by ideology and had in the past made successful alliances with communists, republicans and monarchists.

Of the simulationist branch of micronationalism Ardashir tended perhaps to be in the minority when regarding recwar as the continuation of simulated politics by other means, however as he pointed out it is preferable to the alternatives such as hacking and forum deletion[1]. For much of his earlier micronational career Ardashir had been hostile to the importation of roleplay into micronationalism though he was not above using elements of it when it suits his purpose. In terms of micronational culture this antipathy became almost a folk memory of an extreme xenophobia towards 'elves', infamously resulting in a series of culture wars that have affected the development of Shireroth.

Since Circum-Raynor War Ardashir extended his presence into other micronations such as New Brittania where his suggestions were often carried out without any consideration for the sanity of such plans due to the almost certain inevitability of humorous conclusions. However following the mention of elves Ardashir left micronationalism for three months following the resignation of all his citizenships, including his much prized citizenship in Babkha. However following a poster campaign resembling those used to find lost pets which was carried out by Jeremy Hart Ardashir returned. At this time Babkha was in a desperate state and this was blamed on the Grand Commonwealth by many Babkhans, consequently a struggle for independence would follow which would see the return of many Babkhans from Ardashir's earlier reigns as Shah. Eventually this struggle would be won, and for many years Ardashir could be found in Babkha in his position as Chief Justice. He also worked in the Babkhan Government overseeing the Kingdom's return to micronationalism from its hiatus in 2009 and was also known in Ashkenatza as Pachad Emet ben Mavet, where he ruled as Nohsi several times. He was also a high-ranking member of Antica's military. He subsequently contrived to fall out with Ashkenatza, resulting in the Euran Cold War which lasted until Babkha's own demise.

That he persists in this hobby is largely due to force of habit and a certain lack of imagination. He is also one of the worst people for when it comes to generating auxiliary characters (see list). Now quite heavily involved in Shireroth - which is quite ironic considering all the time he spent trying to destroy the place.


Partial List of Citizenships:
Past: Alexandria, Ashkenatza, Babkha, Eblis, Gotzborg, Talamthom, New Britannia (and others)
Present: Caputia, Constancia, Inner Benacia, Natopia, Raspur, Shireroth.

Areas of Meddling Bastardry

AKA - those places where he occasionally pops up as an antagonist under one guise or another...

  1. Kalgachia
  2. Nova England


There have been a few...


  1. ^ Thankfully nobody cares sufficiently about this stupid hobby these days to bother with such things (*crosses-fingers*)