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Nation: Constancia
Population: 1,232,636 (1670)
Predominant language: Constancian (administrative)

Main roads: Nivardom Road, Aden Road
Major districts: Aqaba Garrison, New Town, Historic Aqaba, Euranikon Resttlement City, Port of Aqaba, Aqaba Dockyards

Current mayor: Demetrios Thesalonikis
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Aqaba, a significant military and commercial port on the continent of Eura controlled by the Imperial State of Constancia. It is also, in the aftermath of the Second Euran War, the site of the largest refugee camp on Micras.


  • Displaced Persons Camp: 61,776.3 acres, 547,616 residents
  • Aqaba Garrison (ICAF): 17,145 acres, 33,711 permanent personnel
  • Metropolitan Aqaba: 10,235 acres
    • New Town: 6,931.7 acres, 464,990 residents
    • Historic Aqaba: 2,965 acres, 48,303 residents
    • Euranikon Resettlement City: 298 acres, 138,016 residents
    • ESB Cantonment: 38 acres
    • Constancian Commercial Exchange Building: 1.27 acres
    • Ashfield Hotel: 0.993 acres
  • Port of Aqaba (Kerularios & Co.): 8,360 acres
  • Aqaba Dockyards (ESB Group): 5,6397 acres
  • Iteran Internment Camp: 472 acres
  • Aqaba Photovoltaic Power Station: 155.7 acres
  • Desalination plant: 40.5 acres