1647 Yuan Elections

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April 2017 Yuan Elections
Flag Jingdao 2.png
1634 ←
→ 1650

All 391 seats to the Imperial Yuan
196 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Chiang Shun.png Ming Wei.png
Leader Chiang Shun Ming Wei
Party Kuominliantang Nokarodo Faction
Seats won 325 65
Seat change 77 65
Percentage 87,32% 12,68%

Map April 2017 Yuan Elections.png

Turnout: 87,864,200 voters

Subsequent Diwang


The 1647 Yuan Elections (April 2017 Elections), which fell at the same time as the Diwang Elections, were the first free elections in Jingdao since the end of the Minshu Period and the first since the approval of the Xianfa Constitution.

The nationalist Kuominliantang won with a large landslide in most provinces and counties. However, the Nokarodo Faction succeeded in assuring victory in the impoverished counties around Lake Christoph.


  • Election ballot April 2017 [1]

Preceded by:
January 2016‎
Federal Elections of Jingdao
Succeeded by
July 2017 Yuan Elections