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Apollonian Football League

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Apollonian Football League
Countries Apollonian Republic Apollonian Republic
Gong Gong Federation
Nessus Nessus
River Warriors River Warriors' AR
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2014
Number of teams 16
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) KAFA Cup
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League

The Apollonian Football League, occasionally known as the AFL, is the top-tier football league in the Apollonian Republic, the Gong Federation, Nessus and the River Warriors' AR, and is run by the KAFA. The league involves 16 teams, each playing thirty games, totalling 240 games, a season.

Current Teams

Team Country City Founded First season
Apollantis Apollonian Republic Apollantis 2014 TBD
Apollonian Army Apollonian Republic Apollo City 2014 TBD
Aracigrad Stagnantists Apollonian Republic Aracigrad 2014 TBD
Audente Fireballs Apollonian Republic Apollo City 2014 TBD
Bèuʐwàtûÿða̭ River Warriors' AR Bèuʐwàtûÿða̭ 2012 TBD
Blackrock Capitals Apollonian Republic Blackrock Nua 2014 TBD
Bray Wanderers Apollonian Republic Bray 2014 TBD
Equator Warriors Gong Federation Arvidsborg 2014 TBD
FC Dalmacija Apollonian Republic Lukedugrad 2014 TBD
FC Mahūti River Warriors' AR Mahūti 2012 TBD
Halluci's Ents Apollonian Republic Hallucigrad 2014 TBD
Ħiberħían River Warriors' AR Ħiberħían 2012 TBD
Nevermore Fishers Apollonian Republic Port Nevermore 2014 TBD
Pua Power Gong Federation Pua 2014 TBD
The Hauwitsers Gong Federation Hau 2014 TBD
Tymaria City Nessus Tymaria City 2014 TBD