Apollonian Confederation

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Apollonian Confederation
Flag of Apollonia
Coat of Arms of Apollonia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Birthplace of Modern Civilisation
Anthem: None
Location of Apollonia
Map versions As part of Shireroth: 1.5.0 - 15.4.6,
as A.R.S.E.: 15.4.7-Present.
Capital Apollo City
Largest city Apollo City, Blackrock Nua, Asha, Mahapur, Treesia City, Jacia
Official language(s) Official language:

Other languages:
Written Halluci, Shirerithian, Audente, Jingdaoese

Official religion(s)
Demonym Apollonian
 - Adjective Apollonian
Government Authoritarian military dictatorship
 - Caudillo of Apollonia Trajan Myksos
 - Legislature Confederal Assembly
Establishment Annexed as part of Shireroth:
513 ASC (30th December 2000)

Independent from Shireroth:
5555 ASC (21th October 2014)

Area NA
Population 801,204,005
Currency Kala
Abbreviation A.C.
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website NA
National forum Forum
National animal Two-headed Eagle
National food Safir wings with cabbage
National drink
National tree

The Apollonian Confederation is a - mostly in name only - confederacy consisting of the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth's East (well-known as Kildare), Aryasht, the isles of Nessus and the River Warrior's Apollonian Republic. While being called a confederation, it has a focus upon a strong centralised government with a lot of military aspects.



Government and politics