Antica national football team

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Antica Antica
Association AntiSoc
FMF member 2008–13
Confederation AEFA
Home stadium Delphi Memorial Stadium
FMF code ANT
First FMF intermicronational
Stormark Stormark 2–0 Antica Antica
Biggest win
Antica Antica 5–0 River Warriors River Warriors
Biggest defeat
Antica Antica 1–6 Craitland Craitland
FMF World Cup
Appearances 2 (First in 2011)
Best result Fourth place
Copa Apollonia
Appearances 1 (First in 2012)
Best result Group stage

The Antica national football team was the football team which represented the micronation of Antica. The team was a member of the AEFA, and was run by AntiSoc.

The team was traditionally one of the weaker national sides on Micras, but it qualified for its first FMF World Cup in 2011 and finished fourth in the 2012 tournament as hosts.


Antica joined the FMF in early 2008 after originally not being involved with Micrasian football for the first year of the organisation's existence. The team first competed in that year's World Cup qualifiers, finishing second in their group behind Stormark.

In 2009's qualifying, Antica were less successful, only managing to finish fourth in a five-team group on goal difference.

The team's results in the 2010 qualifiers worsened still, with only one draw from eight games leaving the side bottom of their group by seven points.

However, the following year saw a complete turnaround, with the team surprisingly winning their group on goal difference over Stormark without losing a match. In the finals, the team was drawn into a tough group against three previous finalists, and lost its first two matches, eliminating it. As a consolation, Antica won their final match against Nova England to finish third in the group.

Antica won the bid to host the 2012 FMF World Cup, meaning that the team was not involved in the tournament's qualification stages. In the finals, the team managed to top their group with five points and even beat Natopia 1–0 in the quarter-finals. After losing to eventual runners-up Alexandria in the semi-finals, the team were well beaten by Hamland 5–0 in the third-place play-off. The team competed in the inaugural Copa Apollonia later in the year, but could only finish second in their group with three points.

In the 2013 qualification rounds, the team's fortunes lessened and they could only finish third in their five-team group with 14 points, failing to qualify for any tournaments. Soon afterwards, Antica left Micras after being declared dead.

Chronological competitive participation



Antica used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2008–09 2009–13