Anti-Bassarid Resistance Movements

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The Anti-Bassarid Resistance Movements are a collection of unrelated separatist movements which seek to undermine and eliminate Bassarid control across parts of the eastern hemisphere.


Entuk Opposition Front

The Entuk Opposition Front is a well equipped war-band of central Corumian Entuk Gamesman, who are opposed to the close, long-standing relationship which exists between the Realm of Bayen and the Kingdom of New Zimia.


River Erik Separatist Army

The River Erik Separatist Army is a Neo-Pallisicanist religious movement based in the city of Zartosht, which strictly opposes the authority of the city's ruling Bassarid high priestess.

Coconut Rebellion

The Coconut Rebellion is a collective of Salonisian pirates who are opposed to Bassarid control of the region's rich coconut plantations.


Greater Morovian Independence Initiative

The Greater Morovian Independence Initiative is a Haifan separatist movement based in the region surrounding Lake Morovia.

Southern Cherusken Autonomous Militia

The Southern Cherusken Autonomous Militia is a highly organized community of pirates and fishermen who maintain tight control over the waters of Lake Cherusken, who have since the late 36.70s PSSC demanded independence from the Dependency of Tanah-Baru.