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Anika was the queen consort of Craitland, formerly the Victorian Princess of Amokolia and claimant to the monarchy of Victoria. Married King Craitman IV of Craitland in 1577 AN in Castrum Nazarene. Daughter of Queen Victoria II of Victoria and Prince Alfred, the Duke of Home.


  • Princess of Amokolia (defunct), Victoria
  • Lady of the Holy Lakes
  • Queen of Craitland (consort) 15771606 AN.
  • Princess of New Vaduz (defunct), Craitland
  • Grand Knight Commander of the Order of the Royal Blood (Constancia)

Places named after her

  • Annica Regina ("Queen Anika"), a bailiwick in Amokolia.
  • Vrouwe Anika College, a college of the People's Academy of Elwynn in Alderbaai, Amokolia.
  • Queensgeese, a bailiwick in Amokolia. Originally named Princess's Geese, for the goose sanctuary established by Anika there during the Victorian era. Name was "upgraded" to Queen's Geese (shortened to Queensgeese shortly thereafter) upon Anika's ascension to queendom.

Coat of arms

Coat of Arms Shield Bearer Difference
Coat of Arms1.png Shield1.png Anika, Princess of Amokolia The coat of arms of Victoria differentiated with a three-point label, the centre point bearing a red heart, and an inescutcheon of the Victorian coat of arms for Amokolia.