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Duchy of Anglien
Capital Johannsessbuurg
Number of citizens 12,604,244
Date founded September 9, 2015
Government Overseas Territory
Current leader Edgard II, Duke of Anglien
Currency Imperial Ecu
Map versions 15.6.3 - present

Anglien (officially The Duchy of Anglien) is an Overseas Territory of the Empire of the Alexandrians.


Anglien was originally founded in

The Duchy of Anglien was reconstituted on September 9, 2015 following the granting of Imperial Assent to the Treaty of the Clear Sea Ratification Act.


Anglien is bounded in the east by the Duchy of Jutien, an overseas territory of the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, and on the southeast by the Kingdom of Eesdeheito, a Biland of the High Realm of Stormark. Anglien is bounded to the west by the Clear Sea, and to the northwest by the Straits of Artsessdun.

Its major settlements are Artsessdun, Antruusbuurg, Bergbuurg, Markbuurg, and the municipalities of Natal, Bahira, and Krondor.



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