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Andilar also known as Y Arfordir Corachod (Calbic for The Coast of the Elves) is an autonomous realm of Calbion located on the North Island to the East of Keltia. The Coast of the Elves is one of Calbion's most important territories in extending control over the Great Western sea, where it is locked in a power struggle against Raspurid naval forces. In 1694, Calbion abandoned the colony Eastern Keltia, and relocated resources to the Elven Isles, where it aims to consolidate the entire East coast. The Afordir Corachod is also a crucial hub for the many trading routes crossing the Ocean from the Cibolan colonies.

Culturally, the region remains influenced by the ancient Menelmacari civilisation and the remnants of the Fëanorian people continue to exist in the realm of Andilar. However, the time has granted to Andilar a culture that also has noticable distinctions.