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Amokolian Highlanders

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The Amokolian Highlanders are the military forces of the Kingdom of Amokolia. The chaos during the Kalirion Fracture made the area, which forms the Kingdom of Amokolia, a forgotten area. Shirerian troops concentrated on the greater unrest elsewhere in Shireroth, allowing Froyalanish terrorists to seize the opportunity to revolt. The Amokolian Highlanders were helped by the Batavian Knights Charitable and Hospitaller of Amokolia to get the area under control.

Command organisation

Feldmarschall Erik Thorne

The armed forces are led by Feldmarschall Erik Thorne.


The Amokolian Highlanders have the core task of guarding the borders of the Kingdom of Amokolia, fighting terrorism against the people of the kingdom and defending the interests of the kingdom.

Joint Command Centre

When the Kingdom of Amokolia was established, the Amokolian Highlanders were assisted by the Batavian Knights Charitable and Hospitaller of Amokolia and later also the Tassity Mansabdar, the personal military unit of the king of Amokolia. A Joint Command Centre has been set up to co-operate with the various forces.


Since the founding of the Kingdom of Amokolia, the Amokolian Highlanders have been involved in the following operations:

Flagge der Freiheit

The joint operation with the Batavian Knights Charitable and Hospitaller of Amokolia and the Tassity Mansabdar to combat Froyanish terrorism. The aim of the operation is to free the kingdom from the threat of terrorism and then to transfer the maintenance of public order to the National Police.

As part of the operation, the boundaries of the Storish Gascony and the no-man's-land Mishalan were guarded.

Mission Mishalan

To combat the Froyalanish terrorists, the Amokolian Highlanders raided Mishalan. The terrorists thought they had a free port in Mishalan. The raid took place when the Black Legions had entered the south of Mishalan.

But a battalion got lost and lost contact with the central command. Instead of invading Mishalan, this battalion moved to Mittlere Stadt. The hurried refugee Elwynnese authorities transferred the area to the Amokolian Highlanders.

Mishalan was divided by Amokolia, the Black Legions and Elwynn, in order to prevent mutual fighting. The border between Amokolian Mishalan and Benecian Mishalan is officially a demarcation line.


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