Amend the Articles of Voting

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Passed by the Assembly with 12 votes in approval and 0 in opposition, on Thursday, 25 January 2007.

Repealed 5 June 2007 by the Amendment to the Articles of the Republic.

Amend the Articles of Voting to the Following:

I. All elections for national offices are to last either five (5) days or until every citizen has voted. Under no circumstances may an election or vote be closed before at least one of these conditions has been met.

II. In elections for national offices, the candidate who receives the plurality of the vote is to be declared the winner of the election. In the absence of a leading candidate, the least supported candidate is to be declared lost, removed from the ballot, and a runoff vote is to be conducted. This may be repeated as necessary until one candidate achieves the plurality of the votes. If multiple candidates receive the same number of votes and no candidate can be eliminated, the winner of the office will be selected at random.

III. An electoral quorum of half of the active population according to the previous census plus one (1) shall be required for elections to be considered valid. New elections will be held if this condition is not met.

IV. Elections must be determined by secret ballot.