Alliance of the Higher Paths

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The Alliance of the Higher Paths is a movement of Palliscian exiles opposed to the increasing domination their faith and their homeland by the extremist and sanguinary Stripping Path which originated in the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa and came to world wide prominence after the usurpation of power in Passio-Corum by Kan Zen, a religious fanatic who ingratiated herself into the company of Crown Amor before brutally beating the Pallisican ruler to death, ushering in the Stripping Path's aggressive subversion of Passio-Corum, and subsequent attempts to export the fanaticism across Keltia in the wake of the War of Lost Brothers.

The alliance is generously funded by the Sxiro-Natopian entente and retains a network of patient supporters through out the territories occupied by the forces of the Stripping Path. Although abhorring violence, supporters of the alliance are willing to pass on information, recruit like-minded supporters, conduct individual acts of non-violent sabotage, and occasionally to publicly bear witness against the atrocities carried out in their name by the followers of the Stripping Path.

Contact between the dissenters and the Shirerithian government was originally established by Imperial representatives using credentials provided by the ESB Group (Keltia) to travel relatively unmolested between the settlements of the Strait of Haifa, although wary of the bonas fides of professed followers of the Higher Paths, dissatisfied with Kan Zen's leadership and the Stripping Path in general, authorisation was given for a low-level and discreet meeting at Raspur Airport between the representative of the ESB Group on Eura, Sarah Dravot, and the spokesman for the dissenters. In spite of scepticism and suspicion on both sides, the go ahead was given for a line of credit to be drawn up for the dissenters, who undertook to unite their differing interpretations of the higher paths into a single alliance for the salvation of the religion, in return for which they would undertake to provide meaningful and actionable intelligence on the New Zimian War League and provide theological insights on how to de-programme the more ideologically committed fanatics of the Stripping Path.

Following a miscommunication it was made abundantly clear to the Alliance that its members where not welcome to proselytise in non-Pallisican territories and that more than the line of credit would be at stake if they were ever tempted to do so.