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Alexandrian Patriots' Association

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Alexandrian Patriots' Association
Motto Cura Personalis
Formation 1658
Type Association
Membership Alexandrian citizens
Titular Emperor Emperor Francis Joseph IV
Main organ Council of State

The Alexandrian Patriots' Association (APA) is the main and official organization aimed at assisting and connecting the Alexandrian disapora in Micras, maintaining two headquarters: the city of Triegon, Natopia and Ciudad Santa, Alduria.

It is led by the current Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians, Francis Joseph IV, and other Alexandrians appointed by the Titular Emperor to its Council of State. Usually, State Councillors are prominent members of the Alexandrian diaspora such as members of the House of Carrillo, former political leaders, important social leaders of the diaspora, and Alexandrian nobles.

The APA, along with other Alexandrian diaspora organizations such as the House of Carrillo Association and the Imperial Order of St. Luis, have engaged in one of the largest evacuations and resettlement schemes of people from war-torn or Green regions that formerly belonged to Alexandria to other countries. These organizations were influential in securing political, financial, and material support to moving millions of Alexandrians to what is now known as Alduria. For decades after the collapse of Alexandria the APA also provided direct financial support to millions of families and individuals to secure a smooth resettlement in Alduria, Natopia, Constancia, the Wechua Nation, and Ransenar.


The Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians holds official court in the Natopian city of Triegon, New Alexandria at the Imperial Residence.

The Imperial Residence is the center of the Foundation and houses the Council of State. The surviving members of the House of Carrillo live in the Imperial Residence, and its surrounding neighborhoods house the many Alexandrian nobles, Foundation staff, Ambassadors, and former Alexandrian politicians. These officials meet regularly at the Imperial Residence with the Emperor.

Alexandrian Diaspora

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The largest concentration of Alexandrians in the world is in Natopia, where 91,218,455 Alexandrians reside, mainly in the Most Serene Union of Dos Gardenias.

Other large concentrations of Alexandrians are in Alduria, Constancia, the Wechua Nation, and Ransenar.



Imperial Institute of Law

The Alexandrian Patriots' Association operates an Imperial Institute of Law, based in the city of Triegon, Natopia. It houses all the laws, debates and legal historical records of the House of Carrillo and the Empire of the Alexandrians. It operates the Edgard II Library and the Parliamentary Collections, with libraries and educational centers in the cities of Zalae, San Luis, Nouvelle Geneve in Caputia; in the cities of Lindstrom and Redquill in Natopia; and in Aqaba, Constancia.

Imperial University of Alexandria in Triegon

The campus of the Imperial University of Alexandria in the city of Triegon, Natopia is the last remaining vestige of the old Alexandrian state university system. It grants any person who can prove Alexandrian descent or previous Alexandrian citizenship a free university education, financed by the Imperial University System Endowment, reportedly last valued at 12.5 billion natopos in 1660.

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