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Alduro-Wechua écu

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Alduro-Wechua écu
1100 Centimes
Symbol WAE€
Banknotes WAE€1, WAE€5, WAE€10, WAE€20, WAE€50, WAE€100
Coins 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, WAE€1, WAE€2, WAE€5
User(s) Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua

The Alduro-Wechua écu (WAE€) is the official currency of the Federation of Alduria and the Wechua Nation. The écu is divided into 100 cents and is inspired by the currency of Alduria and Alexandria.

The currency is also used officially in other parts of the world, such as Ransenar and in the Natopian demesne of Dos Gardenias.

The name écu was officially adopted in 1685 AN after the passage of the National Economy Act by the Federal Constituent Assembly. It replaced both the Aldurian écu and the Wechua sol as the official currency of the Federation. Both currencies are being phased out over the course of the next five years, 1685 AN-1690 AN.


  • The écu was the official currency of Alexandria. Later, Alduria adopted it as a nod to its Alexandrian heritage.
  • The sol was the official currency of the Wechua Nation. It was a very weak currency that didn't quite obtain durable stability and dependability until the early 1680's.
  • Proposals to create a common market between Alduria and the Wechua Nation were always plentiful. Both nations grew close in trade and due to sharing cultural heritage. Many of these proposals did not catch fire until the 1680's, with the arrival of Neo Aldricism to Alduria and to the Wechua Nation.
  • Committee for Alduro-Wechu Integration


The écu is managed and administered by the Federal Bank of Alduria-Wechua (FBAW), based in Cárdenas. The FBAW consists of the Bank itself and the former national central banks of Alduria and the Wechua Nation. The Federal Bank of Alduria-Wechua participates in the printing, minting, and distribution of notes and coins as well as the operation of the national payment systems.


Currency sign

The currency sign that represents the Alduro-Wechua écu is €. Before the creation of the écu, the same currency sign was in wide issue by multiple countries, past and present, notably the Shirerithian erb, the Ransenari erb, among others.

The placement of the currency sign relative to the numeric amount varies widely. Internal Alduro-Wechua regulations however have stated that it should precede the amount, but these are only applicable to government departments and agencies.

Coins and banknotes

Payments clearing and electronic funds transfer

Exchange rates

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