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Alduria-Constancia Naval Treaty

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Menaced from without by the continual year on year build up of naval forces by the colonial powers established on the Euran Continent, the Republic of Alduria and the Imperial State of Constancia, as sovereign Euran powers and inheritors to the proud tradition of a sovereign and united Euran continent, are resolute in their desire to preserve their independence, territorial integrity, and the freedom of the seas from all perils and against every foe.

To this end His Imperial Majesty the Basileus, Supreme Lord of Astérapolis, Aqaba, Raspur, Nivardom, Cario, Ithonion, Arak, and Nísos Aigón, Defender and Protector of the Patriarchal Orthodox Faith, and His Excellency the President of Alduria, decided to conclude a treaty to that effect, and have named as their Plenipotentiaries: for Alduria, His Excellency Alejandro Campos; and for Constancia, His Imperial Highness the Prince of Molivadia who, having exchanged their full powers in due form, have agreed upon the following articles:–

Article One - An attack on the commerce, the registered shipping, the installations and infrastructure established within the territorial waters of the parties to this treaty, or the installations and infrastructure established within five kilometres of the shore of either party by a third party shall constitute an attack upon the maritime interests of both parties and obligate a joint response to repel the aggressor.

Article Two - The parties to this treaty shall establish a joint purchasing commission for the purpose of treating with the Allied Production Matrix and procuring such vessels, whether surface combatants, submersible vessels, or auxiliaries, along with any and all requisite aviation assets, as shall prove necessary to augment the existing naval strength of both parties as to give satisfaction as to their ability to defend their own interests and fulfil their obligations under Article One of this treaty.

Article Three - The joint purchasing commission shall comprise of ten commissioners, five to be Aldurian citizens and five to be subjects of the Constancian crown, with all due authority under sovereign letters patent to make binding obligations for the parties to this treaty with regards to naval procurement.

Article Four - The principle upon which the joint purchasing commission shall operate will be an equal contribution towards costs in return for an equal allocation of purchased tonnage.

Article Five - The joint purchasing commission shall be headquartered in the Aldurian port of Susa and shall make such arrangements for its organisation and administration as shall be expedient and permissible under law.

Article Six - The present treaty shall operate for a period, from its commencement, of twelve Norton years where at its expiry, if both parties remain of like mind, the treaty may be extended for a further twelve years whereupon the condition of this present article shall apply once more at the end of the extension period and continue on a recurring basis.

Article Seven - At any point either party may serve notice of its intent to withdraw from the present treaty, subject to a one year period of grace necessary for the winding down of any shared assets or programmes of work.

Article Eight - This treaty shall come into effect from the date of its formal ratification by both parties and the deposition of the final text with His Excellency the President of Alduria.