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Type Limited liability company
Industry Nuclear power
Founded 1676 AN
Headquarters Amapola, Alduria
Products Small modular nuclear reactors (SMR)

AlduATOM is an Aldurian private company that designs and markets small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). It is headquartered in Amapola, Valoria, Alduria. In 1676, the Aldurian Department of Finance and Commerce projected the technology developed by AlduATOM would be commercially available around the year 1689. AlduATOM is currently planning its first power plant in Rothborne City, Rothborne.

AlduATOM's SMR designs are for 9 feet (2.7 m) diameter by 65 feet (20 m) high reactor vessels that use conventional light water cooling methods and runs on low enriched uranium fuel assemblies based on existing light water reactor designs. Each module is intended to be kept in an underground pool and is expected to produce about 60 megawatts of electricity. It uses passive water-circulation that can operate without powered pumps or circulatory equipment.

AlduATOM was founded based on research funded by the Aldurian Department of Finance and Commerce from 1674 to 1676. After funding was cut, scientists with the program obtained related patents in 1676 and started AlduATOM to commercialize the technology with help from private equity and investments by Javelin Industries.

Sources of uranium