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Aldricist and Neoliberal Conference

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The Aldricist and Neoliberal Conference (A&NC) is an international alliance of political parties that embrace Aldricism and other similar political ideologies. Headquartered in Goldfield, Ransenar, the A&NC has four members from four different countries. It is chaired by Sean O'Callaghan, Lord Chief Steward of Ransenar.

The A&NC provides a forum in which political parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organizational interest. From this, they act cooperatively, establish contacts, and present a unified voice toward the promotion of Aldricist and internationalist policies around the globe. Despite these efforts, many of its members have regional and circumstantial disagreements or differing views on policies and proposals with each other, which influence heavily the direction and endorsement by the organization of specific policies and ideas.

The group was founded in 1682 at a political conference convened by Lord Chief Steward of Ransenar in the city of Goldfield, at the instigation of the leader of the Union Democratic Movement and Natopian Chancellor Ernesto de la Cruz.

The A&NC maintains an affiliated international youth wing, the International Young Aldricist Union led by Natopian Jean Bovine and an affiliated women's wing in the Union of Aldricist Women, led by Aldurian Maria Beauchamps.

Member Parties

Flag Country Party name Representative to the A&NC Government Date joined
National Representatives
Elwynn flag.png
Elwynn Democratic Party of Elwynn Helena Strand
Princess of the Elwynnese Union
In Government 1682
72 / 217
(Elwynnese Congress)
Natopia flag.png
Natopia Union Democratic Movement Ernesto de la Cruz
Chancellor of Natopia
In Government 1682
16 / 60
(The Frenzy)
Ransenar flag.png
Ransenar Imperial Democratic Party (Ransenar) Sean O'Callaghan
Lord Chief Steward of Ransenar
In Government 1682
210 / 317
(Ransenari Congress)
Shireroth flag.png
Shireroth Imperial Democratic Party (Shireroth) Naïs Szodarvs
Commissioner for the Fiscus
In Government 1682
Constancia flag.png
Constancia Imperial Democratic Party (Constancia) Theodoros Tzimeros
In Government 1683
49 / 250
(Imperial Synklētos)

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