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Air Senya

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Air Senya
Air Senya logo.png
IMATO code
MIS Code
Founded 2012
Current operations 2012
Hubs Svorgas International Airport
Member lounge Svorgas International Airport
Subsidiaries Air Caputia
Air Senya Gotzborg
Headquarters Svorgas, Senya

Air Senya is a Senyan airline and the national flag carrier for Senya. It is one of the biggest airlines on Micras, with destinations in most Micrasian nations.


The airline was established in 2012 by the Senyan government, who wanted to establish a national airline to alleviate the stress on the nation's rail network. The airlines has since widened to offering flights to dozens of countries and territories across Micras. In 2013, the government of Gotzborg gave air Senya a contract to establish a Gotzborg-based subsidary company to operate Senya-Gotzborg flights, which became known as Air Senya Gotzborg. On 14 December 2017, it bought Caputian flag-carrier Air Caputia.

Air Senya Gotzborg

Air Senya Gotzborg was the subsidiary of Air Senya that provided flights in and out of Gotzborg and acted as that nation's flag carrier. The subsidiary's services to Gotzborg ceased on November 25, 2017, when the micronation entered into a hiatus. The services were subsequently restored in 2018.

Air Senya Gotzborg logo.png